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state Group Exchange

Our best chance for survival as an industry is if we work together for proper and reasonable regulation of our industry.  If you agree that vapor products must be affordable, attractive, and accessible to consumers, then we can most certainly work together towards our common goals.


This working group's purpose is to provide a central planning and collaboration space online for ALL state-level associations. Independent state vapor business groups, VTA affiliated state groups, Smoke-Free affiliated groups, and SFATA state chapters are all welcome to participate in this affiliation-neutral space.  


SFATA members’ dues supply the resources used to create and maintain this collaboration tool solely because we have a vested interest in the survival of this industry in all of your states.  If you are doing the work where you live, then we want to do our part to facilitate your success. That is our sole agenda that puts this expenditure squarely in line with our organization’s own mission.

With threats coming quickly at the state level, our industry must WORK TOGETHER to collaborate and coordinate efforts.   Industry resources are stretched too thin for any group to be duplicating the efforts of an another in some bizarre competition to be the best at defending the industry.  Our industry will be best served when we ALL bring our best abilities, knowledge, and resources together and work in a cooperative effort. We are challenging you all now, to do just that!!

Forum discussions and sample advocacy material sharing will be enabled for this collaborative working group and accessible to registered *participants of the group.  We hope to see leaps in success rates as we learn from one another and cease using scarce hours trying to reinvent the wheel!

Participation is limited to leadership of organized state vapor associations.  While SFATA membership is not required, anonymous participation is not permitted.  Please 
send us an email if you would like to sign up to work together and learn from one another across the 50 United States.  

*Continued permission to participate is subject to SFATA Discussion Forum policies as well as a general requirement that participants behave professionally and work solely for the common good on state government activities.  In other words, be nice and appropriate as a guest here and you will always be welcome.



State Group Exchange Forum

Join your fellow leaders of independent or otherwise-affiliated state vapor associations from across America. Trying to do this on your own, or in competition with others working toward the same goal, is tiring and not nearly as effective. 

Isn't it about time we all work together? If you are ready to truly work in unity to win, click below.


Note:  If you are not a SFATA member, please contact us first to set you up as a Registered Non-Member of this important collaboration effort.  Just send an email with your name, state association, and leadership position title within your state association and we will get you plugged in ASAP. Please use subject heading: State Group Exchange
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