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Alert: Deadline for "late" registration is October 30!

Join Us!

The SFATA 2017 Annual Meeting and Conference is all about relevant content you need and a good dose of stress-relieving fun.  We've had a tough year.  Let's blow off a little steam together and then gear up for the important work of creating our destiny with the new FDA!

This event will:

- Allow you to hear directly from elected officials at multiple levels of government on how best to sway the opinions of their colleagues.

- Highlight and inform attendees on advocacy efforts at all levels of government (state, local, and federal)

- Educate small business owners on best practices that will save you money and headaches.


- Open arms to all vapor companies who want to join our efforts to create a healthy regulatory environment for these products going forward. Non-members are welcome!

- Introduce some exciting new programs and initiatives that you can get behind and chart your destiny!

- Force you to have fun, even if you came prepared to be serious and and grumpy.

This event will NOT:

- Break your bank.  We really worked to make this affordable for ALL industry partners so no one is excluded due to venue costs or high hotel rates.

- Force you to be holed up in a boring hotel ballroom.  You are going to be experiencing REAL Arizona and some of the most unique recreation and landscape you may have seen anywhere else.

- Leave you hungry. We have amazing catering from area eateries and plan to keep you equipped with refreshments and snacks throughout the day.

- Exclude anyone: Members and non-members alike are welcome to register.  We want to foster a greater sense of cooperation and unity, so you will find yourself VERY welcome here if you aren't a member of SFATA.

- Pressure you to join anything, buy anything, or over extend your time away from your business.  We intentionally made this a shortened program, but packed it with awesomeness so it is well worth your time to attend.

- Force you to stay in a hotel at all.  We have an RV Campground connected to our main meeting site!   Let's camp!!! 

Unique Meeting Venue

This new facility is set on the grounds of Arizona's "Point of Pride" world class public range.  Just outside the doors of our OneAz Pavilion is the Ben Avery Clay Target Center which hosts top-tier competitive events and can boast it is the training facility for olympic qualifying athletes in the shooting sports. Ever wanted to learn trap and skeet or some other shooting sport?  You will be well located to do it in style before or after our meetings.
OneAZ Pavilion at Ben Avery Clay Target Range

In-n-Out Burger Sign

Never Boring Eats

From dining al fresco under the desert's starry sky on "world famous" brisket to wrapping your hands around a satisfying In-N-Out Cheeseburger during our catered working lunch session, you will find this year's food to be a fantastic departure from normal bland convention fare.  But, there are also a great selection of restaurants nearby if you prefer to venture out on your own while in North Phoenix for the SFATA Annual Meeting.

Compact & Powerful

You told us that it is hard to be away from your business for long periods of time.  So, we cut out some of the "fluff" and narrowed down our program to the top priority topics that you said you need the most (we will still cover other topics through webinars so you don't miss a thing).  The time you spend in a seat at this SFATA meeting is going to be limited and fully respected.  We have experts and elected officials, among others, who will make every moment count.

Senator Nancy Barto

pink jeep tour Sedona


Oh my gosh, does this community need to shoot off some steam or what?! Let's break some bread, destroy some clays, breath in some desert air, and rebuild relationships that are strained from the horrendous 1.5 years we've just come through.  The recent FDA announcement is a new lease on life. Let's celebrate, have some fun, and make some memories together... Arizona style!  You will find fun more centerstage at this meeting than ever before because, frankly, we all need it.  Come early for the ASRPA Halloween Zombie Hunt the night before conference begins and stay late for desert jeep tours or a Sporting Clays Tournament right outside our meeting doors.  For some, you will never find yourself THIS close to the rugged west's playground.  Make the most of it!

Networking Opportunities!

We are intentionally allowing ample time for our attendees to network, rather than fill up your entire trip with lectures.  Sign up for the ASRPA Zombie Hunt the night before our conference begins, buy a ticket to the Pioneer Village tour-reception-dinner when you register, or stay after for a clay target tournament right at our meeting site.  You could also pull a group together and jump into a jeep tour for a guided exploration of grand canyon or Sedona's red rock formations.  We are providing the time and the list of great options because we know this is a big part of your conference business value.  Check out these fun networking options today and make some memories with important customers and potential customers!
pioneer village carpenter shop